Giorgi Mushroom Company (GMC) is a vertically integrated, family owned and operated agribusiness in Berks County, Pennsylvania. GMC is the largest, single-location mushroom farm in the world producing over 180M pounds annually of the Agaricus bisporus varieties:  White Button, Portabella, Cremini, and Shiitake mushrooms. Our operations span 3.7M square feet of growing space across 6 farms and 468 indoor growing rooms including several organically certified operations. In addition, GMC’s joint venture with Monte Blanco – the largest mushroom grower in Mexico – provides GMC with an additional 400K square feet of growing capacity to service its southwest US markets with freshly picked mushrooms.


Giorgio Foods, Inc is an integrated processor and distributor of the finest value-added mushroom products for the retail, foodservice and industrial markets. Its portfolio of products includes canned and jarred mushroom under the Giorgio®, Brandywine® and Pennsylvania Dutchman® brands, frozen IQF mushrooms, stuffed Portabellas, sauces and toppings for chain restaurants, and dehydrated snacks including Savory Wild® Portabella Mushroom Jerky. Giorgio Foods is an SQF level 3 manufacturer and adheres to the highest level of food quality standards.

Giorgio Fresh, Inc. is our fresh packing operation that receives, packs, and ships over 220M lbs a year of fresh mushrooms. Our largest operation located in Blandon, PA is 130K square feet and located within the heart of our mushroom farming operations in Berks County. We have a second 48k square feet facility in Chester, Pennsylvania and cross docking operations in Houston, Texas. With the support of our private fleet of over 40 trailers, we deliver daily to national grocery, foodservice and chain customers across the United States.

Can Corporation of America (CCA) is a steel can manufacturer supplying food processors in the fruit, vegetable and coffee industries throughout the United States and Canada. In 1976, our owners decided that third party can companies were not serving the long term needs of Giorgio Foods, Inc. and therefore decided to move can manufacturing in-house. Today, Giorgio Foods accounts for less than 5% of CCA’s production output. Metal packaging manufactured by Can Corporation is the most sustainable packaging in the world. Steel can be used and recycled infinitely without any loss of properties.